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Heather Bruce

Heather, originally from New Zealand, graduated from a Brisbane, Australia college (allied to Dr van Buren’s college in the Netherlands, (ICOM)) in 1979.

Instead of furthering her education in China, she intertwined her acupuncture life with raising four children, birthing them over a gap of 18 years.

This led her to specialize in women’s health issues, branching into all forms of fertility and pregnancy management.

Whilst Heather was co designing, writing and delivering the ACA (Brisbane) under-graduate course in the early 1980’s, she also delivered post graduate seminars, focusing on the Eight Extra Meridians, Obstetric acupuncture (both in the mid ‘80’s, with extensive written researched notes) and the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Heather is passionate about education and change being part of the healing process, and actively helps those would seek her assistance to move through their own inner blocks, empowering them to own their own healing journey.

She calls upon a mix of vibrational, medicinal and practical tools, acupuncture, naturopathy, Chinese herbs and life counseling.

To this end, rather than continue only in one – to – one practice, Heather is, besides being in a busy infertility/obstetric practice in Brisbane, also currently redesigning infertility and pregnancy e-books and DVDs for the wider audience, to be marketed on her instructive websites, and within all natural therapies practices.

When lecturing, whether it is to her peers, allied professionals, or the consumer audience, she brings all these healing arms into an amalgam to truly fit our modern western context.

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