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Calm in the Presence of Uncertainty

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Calm in Presence of Uncertainty


The Conscious Tuesday series was launched to help us deal with the fear and anxiety related to uncertainty many are feeling and experiencing. We are social beings, and conscious Tuesday provides connectivity and community that we need during these times of practicing physical distancing and isolation.

We do not have to do this alone.  Community * Unity * Immunity.  If you are feeling fearful, lack and anxiety then use this hour to lean into colleagues.

And for those felling balanced, join as well to maintain your calms and to be the support others need.

There will be social time at the end to connect and discuss.


Live Webinar - Conscious Tuesday Series: "Calm in the Presence of Uncertainty"


Lingshu Chapter 8 - Practical Guidance in the time of Covid-19 - presented by Jessie Shaw

Lingshu Chapter 8 - Rooted in Spirit provides timeless guidance about how to transform crisis chaotic states into the deepest sense of ‘knowing-how.’

Being many layered, its opening lines are as philosophically rich as they are instructive about how to use our qi to ground and center, while also facilitating deeper experiences for our patients.

This hour-long talk and guided experience will explore these ways of being and of working with qi. Its goal is to help you strengthen your own connection with yourself, so that you can in turn be more present with patients... whether online or in-person.

>> Replay available for a limited time - watch now:




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Randine Lewis kickstarted this "Conscious Tuesdays" series with a wonderful presentation (which you can watch below) and is a great introduction to her upcoming Live Webinar on Sunday, April 19th: "Exploring the role of the three Dantian in self-care and psycho-spiritual transformation" - Live Webinar 6 CEU / PDA / CPD by Randine Lewis.


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