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College Of Naturopathic Physicians Of British Columbia (CNPBC)

Healthy Seminars courses are considered category "C"

The CNPBC requires its registrants to complete a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education over each 2-year CE period, plus an additional 2 hours for each certification area. This requirement can be fulfilled by having all the 40 hours drawn from a combination of categories A, B, C, D and the additional 2 certification hours from Category E

Category A – A required minimum of 5 hours

1. CNPBC General Meeting (AGM/SGM)

2. BCNA Annual General Meeting

3. CAND Annual General Meeting.

4. Any other AGM of a provincial naturopathic regulatory body or association 5. AANP Annual General Meeting

Category B – A required minimum of 15 hours from any educational seminar offered by any recognized naturopathic organization such as the BCNA, CAND, NWA, ONA, AANP, and other official provincial or state associations

Balance of required hours: After meeting the minimum hour requirements in the Categories A and B above, registrants may receive CE credits for the remaining 20 required CE hours from any of the three categories (B, C OR D) that they choose as appropriate for their personal professional development needs.

Category C – Additional hours are available through these seminars: seminars sponsored by any other medical and professional organizations such as chiropractic, medical, nursing, psychology, acupuncture, etc. nutriceutical and pharmaceutical company sponsored educational seminars teleconference, web-conference, video and audio recordings of seminars, computer-based learning programs and all other distant-learning programs

College Of Naturopathic Physicians Of British Columbia (CNPBC)