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Adaptogens - Modern Biomedical Understanding of Ancient Herbs

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ACHB 553-363
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03-16-2016 through 06-30-2020
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NCCAOM 553-363; 3 PDA AOM-BIO - Massachusetts; 3 CEU
CTCMA; 3 CEU, Category B3 - Alberta CAAA; 3 CEU - NZRA; 3 CEU
Texas Provider CAE00011; 3 CAE - Illinois (225.000020) 3 CEU
California 3.0 CEU Category 1 - Florida 50-8743; 20-545004, 3 BIO
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Adaptogens are a wonderful and useful collection of herbs. Whether you are a sophisticated herbalist that uses complex or customized formulas, or someone that primarily uses simple and pre made herbal formulas, you need to know about Adaptogens. Many of them stem from TCM herbal practice, and several key ones do not. But all of them are extensively researched and well classified in terms of their biomedical actions in the body. They serve important roles in the modern health care setting.

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Amy Sear