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Acupressure and Acupuncture for Perinatal Care

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10-23-2019 to 10-23-2021
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Acupressure and Acupuncture for Perinatal Careimmediately after purchasefor 2 years
Category 1

This course for acupuncturists introduces a toolkit of bodywork, auricular and needling approaches for use in pregnancy, during birth, and postpartum. Flowsheets for differential diagnosis and treatment planning are provided for normal labor preparation, postpartum care and Cesarean section recovery, as well as disorders and complications of pregnancy including breech presentation, musculoskeletal pain, PUPPP rash, postdates, oligo- and polyhydramnios.

Topics include:

  • Pregnancy and Pre-Labor
    • Breech, musculoskeletal pain
    • Oligo/Polyhydramnios (too little or too much fluid)
    • Preeclampsia/Hypertension/HELLP
    • IUGR (small for dates babies)
    • Intrahepatic Cholestasis (ICP) vs. PUPPPS
    • Intrapartum depression
  • Labor Preparation and Postdates
    • Differential diagnosis and treatment (not just ‘all the contraindicated points)
    • Special approaches to preparing for early medical induction or VBAC
    • Home care packages of constitutionally and situationally appropriate acupressure, exercises and activities
  • A few quick tips for birth
    • Tuina and acupressure approaches for family and friends’ births
    • Identifying and working with bony obstruction, slow dilatation, inadequate contractions, spirit/emotional challenges
  • Postpartum:
    • C/S recovery, Symphysis Diastasis, tears, coccyx injury
    • Lactation, Constipation
    • Sleep/Energy, “Baby Blues” vs posptartum depression
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Claudia Citkovitz

Acupressure and Acupuncture for Perinatal Care

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Acupressure and Acupuncture for Perinatal Care
Sun, 11/17/2019
CTCMA; 14 CEU, Category B3 - AACMA: 14 CPD points allocated
Florida 50-8743; 20-671959; 14.0 CEU GEN - California CEP 591: 14 CEU Cat 1
NCCAOM 553-569, 14.0 AOM-AC - ABORM Member renewal 14 CEU
Texas Provider CAE00011; 14 CAE GEN
IIllinois (225.000020) 14 CEU - Massachusetts 14 Core CEU

Practical Maternity Acupuncture - Part One

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Practical Maternity Acupuncture - Part One
CTCMA; 7 CEU, Category B3 - AACMA: 7 CPD points allocated
NCCAOM 553-535, 7.0 AOM-AC - IIllinois (225.000020) 7 CEU
Florida 50-8743; 20-642059; 7.0 GEN - California 591: 7 CEU Cat 1
Texas Provider CAE00011; 7 CAE GEN - Mass 7.0 CEU
TCM Fachverband Schweiz Label no. 20267 (Group 1)