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Kate Webster

Kate Webster
Kate Webster

Kate obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Alaska Southeast (1995) and a PhD in Behavioral Psychology from the University of Rhode Island (2001). Her training is in behavioural and social psychology with a focus on multivariate statistics and research methods.

Navigating Infertility: Strategies to manage the emotional impact on the mind & hearts of clients

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ACHB 553-468
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07-18-2017 through 06-01-2023
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CTCMA 5.0 CEU, category B3 - NCCAOM ACHB 553-468; 5 PDA AC/AOM-BIO
ABORM 5.0 CEU Member Renewal & Exam Prereq
Texas Provider CAE00011, 5 CAE (GEN) - Illinois(225.000020) 5 CE
NZRA; 5.0 CPD - AACMA; 5 CPD points - Mass. 5 GEN
California 591: 5.0 CEU Cat 1 - Florida 50-8743; 20-619400 5 GEN
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Navigating Infertility: Strategies to manage the emotional impact on the mind & hearts of clientsimmediately after purchasefor 2 years
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Please note this course is no longer approved for California acupuncture CEUs.

Learn critical emotional support strategies and self-discovery tools that validate couples hopes and fears that you can apply to empower clients struggling to conceive.


  • Understand the 9 key transitions that couples experienced from early “delays” in conceiving, to being in the throes of the struggle, to an unexpected conception
  • Learn the role that societal expectations and pressures have on a couple's identity and sense of self as they experience “month the month” disappointments
  • Expose the impact of “becoming a patient” and the compliant behavior that accompanies the infertility “label”
  • Examine the moments of transition and triggers that lead to acceptance of one's situation, allowing couples to reach back into life, achieving a level of awareness and renewal that dramatically alters their journey to parenthood and beyond


  • Session 1: Introduction to training structure
    • Research Approach
    • Overview 3 Chapters and 9 key transitions
    • Common cognitive distortions
  • Session 2: Review Chapter 1 “Conception of Doubt” & the 3 associated transitions
    • Transition 1: Social Influences, expectations and pressures
    • Transition 2: Delays in conception collide with expectations
    • Transition 3: Empowering mounting doubt and diminished-self D) Caregiver’s tools and techniques to disrupt “Doubt”
  • Session 3: Review Chapter 2 “Patience to Patient” & the 3 associated transitions
    • Transition 4: Becoming a patient
    • Transition 5: Complying to your “prescription”/label
    • Transition 6: Side effects
    • Caregiver’s tools and techniques
  • Session 4: Review Chapter 3 “Surrender to Life” & the 3 associated transitions
    • Transition 7: Becoming a patient
    • Transition 8: Complying to your “prescription”/label
    • Transition 9: Experiencing the side effects
    • Caregiver’s tools and techniques Case Studies and Q&A Recap, Discuss Evaluations, and Closing Training
D7 Presenter: 
Kate Webster and Marc Sherman
Kate Webster
Marc Sherman