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Course Extension

We know that life can be a bit unpredictable, and believe in offering flexibility when it comes to your learning.

If you require time beyond the 2-year window to complete course work and take the quiz, you may extend or reactivate access to your course(s) for one (1) year to compete for CEU / PDA / CPD.

We have made three registration options available that grant you an additional one (1) year access for CEU / PDA / CPDs completion and unlimited, lifetime access* to materials (handouts and recordings) for future reference and continued review:
  1. Extend/reactivate one course  ($35USD)
  2. Extend/reactive two courses  ($50USD for both courses)
  3. Extend/reactivate three or more courses  ($75USD for 3 or more courses)
Thank you for choosing Healthy Seminars and we wish you incredible success.


* Unlimited, lifetime access is access to the course and course materials for a single individual or account as long as the original recording can still be supported by Healthy Seminars future technology.