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7 Ways to Calm a Cough Your Pediatrician Won't Tell You

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7 Ways to Calm a Cough Your Pediatrician Won't Tell You


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Robin Green will discuss 7 natural ways to calm a cough that support your child's body. She'll explain why using Chinese pediatric massage is the key to clearing up new and lingering coughs.


Robin Green, founder of AcupuncturePediatrics.com, graduated from Five Branches University in 2003 and has been practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine since then. Shortly after graduating, Robin had her first son. When he developed a severe chronic case of eczema and puzzled doctors couldn’t help him, she was distressed. She shifted the focus of her practice and spent several years training with the Holistic Pediatrics Association (now the Holistic Pediatrics Alliance) in search of a cure. It was through this process of healing her son’s eczema that she realized her true calling was working with kids.

In an effort to help acupuncture pediatrics go mainstream, Robin has written numerous articles on pediatrics. She has been published in Acupuncture Today and top-rated health blogs. She is the author of the popular blog, www.KidsLoveAcupuncture.com, which offers parents TCM-focused health tips for their kids and connects them with pediatric specialists in their area through the Pediatric Acupuncturist Directory.

Robin has a passion for teaching and mentoring - both in-person and online. Her engaging, pragmatic style and her ability to distill clinical pearls have made her a sought-after lecturer in the industry. She offers live hands-on classes in California, and recently created www.AcupuncturePediatrics.com to provide practitioners with step-by-step guidance for building a thriving family practice. There, practitioners will find all of the essential information, resources, training, and mentoring they need to specialize in pediatrics.

To help practitioners decide if this is a specialty they want to pursue, Robin is currently developing an online course to teach the essentials of pediatric acupuncture. When she’s not playing with her two sons, she’s busy writing her first book and preparing to launch her year-long post-graduate mentoring program, due out in 2014.

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