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Acupuncture for Period Pain - Optimizing Clinical Outcomes

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Acupuncture for Period Pain - Optimizing Clinical Outcomes


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This one hour webinar is a follow up discussion to the published abstract, Treating primary dysmenorrhoea with acupuncture: a narrative review of the relationship between acupuncture ‘dose’ and menstrual pain outcomes ~ Mike Armour, Caroline A Smith

Period pain (primary dysmenorrhea) is one of the most common gynaecological conditions in reproductive aged women. Many women suffer unnecessarily due to lack of effectiveness of standard biomedical treatments such as analgesic medication or the oral contraceptive pill. Acupuncture, delivered as part of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, shows promise in the treatment of period pain and its related symptoms. This webinar will discuss how to deliver the most effective treatment for period pain in your clinical practice, based on some of our most recent research.


Dr Mike Armour joined the National Institute of Complementary Medicine in 2016 as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working in the area of Women's Health. Mike's background is a mixture of western and eastern medicine, having completed an honours degree in Biomedicine before training as a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. He completed his PhD in 2016 examining the effect of acupuncture on the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea. Mike is currently working on a number of projects related to women's health and acupuncture, with a specific interest in dysmenorrhea and pelvic pain and the role of TCM self-care on these conditions. A particular focus of Mike's research has been around optimising clinical practice, specifically what treatment to deliver, when and how to deliver the best results for cyclical issues like period pain.

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