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Divergent Meridians: The Conflict Between Self & Other

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Divergent Meridians: The Conflict Between Self & Other


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This 6-hour course will introduce the unique qualities of the Divergent meridians that make them essential in the treatment of life-threatening or life-altering conditions. When our survival is threatened it is the goal of the Divergent meridians to create chronicity. They slow down the disease process by relocating a pathogenic factor or challenging experience to the joints where it can be trapped, safely away from the organs. This gives us the time we need to rally our resources in order to eliminate the pathogen.

The Divergent meridians are able to create this latency for survival because they manage the relationship between Yuan qi (Self) and Wei qi (interface with Other).
In this course, we will explore each Divergent and the symptoms that demonstrate that latency has been created. We will look at the organ dysfunction, the emotional signatures, the mediumship that sustains the latency, and the Wei qi zones that are affected by the latency. Once we have a diagnosis, we will discuss if it is in the best interest of the patient to release the latency or support the latency, empowering the patient to reclaim Self.

Goals and Outlines

  • Participants will learn to recognize Divergent pathology based on organ symptoms, emotional signatures and assessment of physical pain.
  • Participants will learn how to create simple but effective Divergent treatments.
  • Participants will deepen their understanding of the relationship between Yuan qi and Wei qi.
  • Participants will learn techniques and approaches to treatments to release or maintain latency in the Divergents.
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    Dr. Farrell has been practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine and Channel Theory since 1996.  Her focus is on empowerment of students and patients so that they will embody the spiritual aspects of Chinese Medicine and make them their own. She believes that self-cultivation, self-knowledge and critical thinking are essential in developing capacity as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine.  

    Yvonne is the author of two books: Psycho-Emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and her latest, Acupuncture for Surviving Adversity published by Singing Dragon.  She has also written several articles for Medicinal Roots Magazine. She teaches continuing education courses in the US and internationally.


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