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The Fertile Fizz - Treating Endocrine Function with Acupuncture

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The Fertile Fizz - Treating Endocrine Function with Acupuncture


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In this course we will take an in-depth journey into the endocrine system, the biochemistry, the hormonal feedback interplay, and the biochemical imposition of the stress response. All the while looking at the way in which acupuncture can be utilised to improve endocrine function.

‘The Fizz’ is shorthand for describing the intricate and infinitely dimensional neurobiological and hormonally driven communication systems of the body, of which the Endocrine system is the conductor of the Orchestra.

Taking a breakdown from top to bottom, this lecture will guide us through a look at the specific acupoints in the region of each endocrine gland - Hypothalamus/Pituitary, Pineal, Thyroid/Parathyroid, Thymus, Pancreas, Adrenals, Ovaries & Testes, and we will discuss these points in detail in the context of their relevance to improving the function within each gland itself.

An orchestra can only produce seamless music when a flow exists between all players, and so to this end we will add a discussion of the importance of the Solar Plexus, and the local points that are so influential for releasing the tensions that often shelve within this nerve network.

Looking closely at the resonances of Chinese acupoints, in their ability to connect and resolve emotional as well as physical dysfunctions, we will discuss how to improve the function within the endocrine glands themselves, as well as streamlining the feedback loop systems.

Acupuncture is a dynamic tool to helping to calm and connect the heart-mind balance that is so essential to the sequencing of our endocrine function.

Though this course will hugely benefit fertility patients, the wisdoms inherent in the points we will be discussing will be of immense benefit to every patient, whatever their condition and issues may be.

Goals and Objectives

  • review of the endocrine glands, plus the organs containing aggregate endocrine cells
  • review of the Autonomic Nervous System: sympathetic, parasympathetic and enteric
  • review of ANS: allostasis vs homeostasis + review of the hormonal mechanisms of the stress response
  • review of the HPA, the HPO/HPG, plus the insulin feedback loops
  • discussion of the endocrine associations of heart-mind
  • discussion of the key acupoints points and their surrounding channel points, both anterior and posterior + related arm and leg channel points at these endocrine levels: Du 20 / Yin Tang / Ren 22 / Ren 17 / Ren 12 / Ren 7 / Ren 3


Part 1 
An introduction to the neurobiology of the stress response + a discussion of the neurobiology of the conception cascade.

  • endocrine review
  • the emotions of infertility
  • the Chinese medicine toolkit
  • emotional associations to endocrine function: from the ayurvedic, buddhist and yogic traditions
  • Bao Gong/Bao Zhong/Bao Mai/Bao Luo
  • channel system interconnections via the Sheng & Ke Cycle model
  • homeostasis vs allostasis
  • stress response mechanism
  • the enteric nervous system as related to the Chinese medicine theory of ‘Fats & Membranes’ and thier role in endocrine function
  • in-depth acupoint discussion for treatment of the ‘Fats & Membrane’
  • the limbic system and the neuroscience of love: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, norepinephrine
  • gut inflammation


Part 2
Discussion of each endocrine gland in function/dysfunction on both the physical and emotional levels, including a review of the effect of insulin on the reproductive hormones.
Acupoint discussion relating to each endocrine level.


  • Hypothalamus/Pituitary - physical & emotional associations
    • review of the ‘Master gland’ function throughout the endocrine system
    • Du 20 and related channel points
  • Pineal - physical & emotional associations
    • Yin Tang and related channel points
    • Review of circadian rhythms and this importance of serotonin/melatonin balance
    • discussion of 12 channel horary points
  • Thyroid - physical & emotional associations
    • Ren 22 and related channel points
    • the link between thyroid dysfunction and infertility
  • Thymus - physical & emotional associations
    • Ren 17 and related channel points
    • links to lymphatic and immune systems
  • Pancreas - physical & emotional associations
    • Ren 12 and related channel points
    • relation of Solar Plexus to pancreas level and the psoas muscle
    • review of the importance of insulin balance to the reproductive hormone balance
    • the importance of BMI


Part 3

Continued discussion of each endocrine gland in function/dysfunction on both the physical and emotional levels, plus acupoint discussion relating to each endocrine level.


  • The Adrenal Glands
    • the cortex vs medulla
    • HPA axis
    • the importance of cortisol balance
  • Ovaries - physical & emotional associations
    • Ren 7 and related channel points
    • HPO axis
    • folliculogenesis
    • causes of ovulatory dysfunction
  • Testes - physical & emotional associations
    • Ren 3 and related channel points
    • spermatogenesis


Part 4

Emotional impediments that can negatively affect endocrine function + discussion of acupoints that influence allostatic endocrine function.


  • The emotional impact of not conceiving and resultant impact on the endocrine system
  • Point discussions:
    • The 4 Seas
    • The Kidney Chest Points
    • Treating the Bao Mai
    • Useful point combinations
    • Ren 1
    • The 8 Extraordinary Vessels
    • The 8 Influential Points
    • The 5 Shu Transporting Points
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Jani White is a writer and lecturer, an acupuncturist, doula and antenatal teacher with over 24 years’ experience of UK maternity and gynaecology services.

In London she practices in Mayfair and Harley St, and runs both a Fertility & Pregnancy clinic as well as a dedicated Men’s Health Clinic for reproductive, sexual and uro-genital issues.

Jani teaches extensively in Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Fertility, and Andrology, both nationally and internationally, based from the MA degree program she wrote for Oxford Brookes University. She is the Founder and was Chair of the Acupuncture Fertility Network (AFN) 2006-2014, and she set up and chaired ACT London (Acupuncture for Childbirth Team) 2006-2013.

She also teaches courses for midwives and fertility practitioners, as well as teaching fertility awareness and antenatal classes for prospective and expecting couples.

Jani has supported hundreds of couples through their pre-conception, assisted conception, pregnancies and childbirths and has attended many labours, at home, in community units, at midwife-led units and in hospital. Jani has extensive experience of high risk pregnancies.

Jani strongly advocates an integrated approach to treatment and her company Naturechild is dedicated to providing quality integrated education, emphasising the balance between Safe Practice, Informed Choice and Supportive Care.

She is currently writing a 4-book series called ‘The Fertile Fizz’.

Jani is also one of the international speakers at the 2015 Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver, Canada.

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