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Integrative Approach for the Treatment of Sciatica Pain and Peripheral Neuropathy

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Integrative Approach for the Treatment of Sciatica Pain and Peripheral Neuropathy


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One of the TCM clinic challenges is in treating chronic nerve pain. These patients come for acupuncture as their last resort. TCM, in general, is effective at addressing neurological pain in the acute phase, but chronic nerve pain can be a greater challenge for both patients and clinicians. One of the most common forms of nerve pain acupuncturists treat is sciatica pain. Also more frequently in the last ten years is peripheral neuropathy.

Back pain and sciatica affect more than 80% of the population at some time during their lifetime. It is second only to the common cold as a reason for visits to the doctor and it is second only to childbirth as a reason for hospitalization. Approximately 50% of the working population reports back problems every year, and the total medical cost of back pain exceeds 20 billion dollars a year in the U.S.

It is estimated that more than 20 million Americans suffer from some form of peripheral neuropathy (PN). Although most PN symptoms are manifested in the extremities, it is not a simple disease in the hands or feet. It is a complex disorder in the peripheral nervous system, and it is becoming more common for acupuncturists to treat these PN patients.

This 8-hour course will show how to diagnose and treat sciatica and PN with electro-acupuncture with TDP far-infrared heat lamp. The course will also include education on integrating modified lifestyles and supplements with necessary Chinese herbs and functional medicines.

Photobiomodulation (laser/LED) therapy (PBMT) is an important modality being used by physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists for sciatica pain and peripheral neuropathy. Steve Liu integrates how to incorporate PBMT into acupuncturists' practices. PBMT has been shown in published research to increase the proliferation of growth factors that promote neural sprouting and myelin sheath formation for optimal nerve recovery.

Goals and Outlines

  • How to integrate electro-acupuncture for the treatment of sciatica pain and peripheral neuropathy
  • How to integrate Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of sciatica and peripheral neuropathy
  • How to differentiate sciatica pain that is originated from the lumbar or/and from the buttock and how to treat it if it is from the buttock
  • How to integrate functional and lifestyle medicine for the treatment of sciatica and peripheral neuropathy
  • Students will also learn the application of Photobiomodulation therapy to enhance clinical outcomes
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    Steve Liu is a licensed acupuncturist from Tucson, Arizona. He was an electrical and laser engineer in Silicon Valley where he was involved in the design of the world’s first erasable magneto-optical disk drive using a semiconductor laser diode to read, write, and erase data on a 3.5 inches magneto-optical disk (1985-1995). He has combined photobiomodulation therapy with acupuncture to treat pain conditions since 2000 when he first researched the clinical use of laser acupuncture. He helped develop one of the world’s first laser acupuncture devices that can treat 10 acupuncture points with low-level laser simultaneously. As a member of the North American Association for photobiomoduLation Therapy since 2001, Steve became its President from 2008 to 2010. He is also the President Emeritus of the Arizona Society of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. He founded the American Society for Laser Acupuncture Therapy and serves as its president since 2006. Besides his acupuncture practice, Steve wishes to involve more in the research and education of laser therapy and laser acupuncture therapy. He has developed unique integrative programs to treat chronic soft tissue pain, age-related macular degeneration, peripheral neuropathy, and slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

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