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An Introduction to Organic Acid Testing

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An Introduction to Organic Acid Testing


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Organic acid testing is an unparalleled and invaluable tool in creating an individualized supplementation program by targeting the functioning of exact metabolic processes in the body. It tests for fatty acid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, energy production, B-Complex vitamins, neurotransmitters, antioxidants, detoxification, bacteria, clostridial species, and yeast/fungi through measuring specific urinary metabolites.

Dr. Kalish will break down the complexity of organic acid testing and talk about how he uses this test in his practice. This seminar serves as an introduction to the full range of complexity that the 12 week Kalish Method Advanced class provides. You will not only learn the fundamentals of what organic acid testing entails, but also acquire the initial skill-set you will need in order to apply this information towards treating your patients effectively.

Dr. Kalish received his B.A. in Physiological Psychology & Philosophy from Antioch College in Ohio and completed his Chiropractic degree in California. He also studied at the University of London and conducted research with biochemist Dr. Robin Monroe at Cambridge University. His studies led him to mentoring with renowned psychiatrist Dr. R.D. Lang utilizing drug-free treatments for schizophrenics.

More recently, Dr. Kalish proudly served as an advisor to the Honorable Patrick Kennedy and participated in the first One Mind For Research conference held in Boston in 2011 where 200 of the nation’s top neuroscientists gathered to form a unified front to promote research on brain disorders.

He is the author of two books, “The Kalish Method: Healing the Body Mapping the Mind” and “Your Guide to Healthy Hormones” and is a frequently requested speaker for health summits across the United States.

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