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New Insights into the Eight Extraordinary Channels in the Treatment of Infertility and Miscarriage

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New Insights into the Eight Extraordinary Channels in the Treatment of Infertility and Miscarriage


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The eight extraordinary channels contain some of the most powerful means to influence our fertility and our overall health. While knowledge of these channels predates the Nei Jing, the perspective on what these channels are and what they do has evolved. While this evolution resulted in the introduction of some useful treatment strategies, it unfortunately did not retain the most important part: a fundamental understanding of these energetics. As a result, we are only tapping into a small portion of these channels’ potential.

This seminar introduces an alternative and consistent theory of the eight extra channels and demonstrates how it can be used to achieve extraordinary results in a wide range of fertility issues.

  1. The seminar begins with a discussion of the inconsistencies and limitations of modern eight extra channel theory. It then derives both structure and function in a way that resolves the inconsistencies presented by what we typically learn about these channels. The derivation presented predicts the coupled pairs, but enables one to see the limitations of these combinations, and how different combinations can be much more powerful.
  2. The second part of the seminar discusses diagnostics including pulse diagnosis, abdominal palpation, tongue diagnosis, face reading and examination of the teeth.
  3. The third part of the seminar provides examples of treatment protocols for a variety of stubborn infertility conditions including: conception facilitation, anovulation, amenorrhea, recurrent pregnancy loss, miscarriage prevention, poor ovarian quality, advanced maternal age, aneuploidy (chromosomal abnormalities) and the treatment of accumulations and concentrations (uterine, ovarian and breast masses)

The course presents two longer case studies to demonstrate an in-depth diagnosis, analysis and treatment management, as well as a number of shorter case studies. The cases chosen all had relatively dramatic results and herb formulas and acupuncture point combinations, including stimulation methods, dosages, etc. are included.

Note: This course presents both basic and advanced material. However it does NOT present the common “meridian map”. Instead, the course postulates that the meridian map is somewhat like patent medicine. Just as the herbal formula si wu tang gives one strategy to approach tonifying blood, the common meridian map is only one idea of how to approach a particular aspect of the eight extra channels. This course is not about throwing away that map, but rather realizing its limitations as only one strategy, and offers a more effective approach to using the eight extra channels to treat infertility.


  1. Understanding conception: Discussion of conception in terms of Jing Qi and Shen and applying a protocol for facilitating conception via the entrance and assimilation of the Hun and Po.
  2. Exploring the concept of Qi and why the eight extra channels are not meridians.
  3. Exploring the genesis of the eight extra channels from both structural and functional perspectives.
  4. Case study on recurrent pregnancy loss.
  5. Exploring blood physiology and misconceptions regarding Chong mai
  6. Exploring the eight extra channels from an energetic perspective and exploring how the theory is applied in multiple situations.
  7. Derivation of the eight extra channel coupled points through a 5 element mapping.
  8. Exploring diagnostic evaluation by looking, including bone structure, teeth and tongue diagnosis.
  9. Exploring diagnostic evaluation by listening and examining how personality traits can be diagnostic of eight extra channel pathology.
  10. Exploring diagnostic evaluation of the pulses with a discussion of both the standard Wang Shu He and Li Shi Zhen pulse configurations, as well as several alternate pulse configurations.
  11. Case study: Infertility in a patient with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and MTHFR polymorphism.
  12. Exploring palpation including a discussion of the triple heater, back shu points, source points, mu points, etc. and how to evaluate the dynamics of jing through palpation.
  13. Exploring needle techniques used in the treatment of the eight extraordinary channels and how different techniques can activate different aspects of the channels. 
  14. Case study of patient with amenorrhea and PCOS that conceived after not having had a menses in over 9 months.
  15. Discussion of aging and protocol for reversing damage caused by aging.
  16. Discussion and protocol for improving oocyte integrity.
  17. Discussion and protocol for prevention of aneuploidy.
  18. Discussion and protocol for the treatment of uterine polyps (includes case study).
  19. Discussion and protocol for the treatment of ovarian cysts (includes case study).
  20. Discussion and protocol for the treatment of early stage endometrial cancer (case study).
  21. Discussion and protocol for the treatment of breast cysts (includes case study).
  22. Discussion and protocols for the prevention of common causes of miscarriages.
  23. Live demonstration of intake, treatment and needle techniques.
  24. Summary of lecture.

Dr. Brandon Horn, PhD, JD, LAc, FABORM is a lecturer, researcher and clinician. He received his bachelor's and juris doctorate degrees from the Ohio State University, his master's degree in oriental medicine from Samra University and his PhD in classical Chinese medicine from the American University of Complementary Medicine, where he currently serves as the Chief Academic Officer.

Brandon is a recognized authority in the fields of infertility and gynecology. He has publications in journals such as Fertility & Sterility, Alternative Therapies in Women's Health, Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and the Journal of Chinese Medicine. He lectures both in the United States and internationally on topics such as the treatment of women with poor ovarian quality, the use of acupuncture to improve uterine receptivity, the use of acupuncture in support of in-vitro fertilization, and integrative approaches to the treatment and management of autoimmune conditions. Venues have included Columbia University, UCLA, LAC + USC Medical Center (Grand Rounds) and Children's Hospital Los Angeles (Grand Rounds).

In researching how to help couples have healthy babies, Brandon developed an interest in fetal development and pediatrics. He currently serves as Clinical Supervisor and Deputy Director of the acupuncture program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Brandon is also on faculty at UCLA Medical School.

Brandon also offers the following online courses through Pro D Seminars
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• Optimizing Ovarian Reserve (10 CEU/PDA)

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