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OBAA Roundtable Series: Gestational Diabetes

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OBAA Roundtable Series: Gestational Diabetes

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Wednesday February 7, 2018 9:45 am PST

A diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes can have a huge impact on the health of an expectant mother, as well as on the health of her unborn child. GD can also greatly impact her day to day life, her family life and even her job and finances. This round table explores some of the challenges associated with Gestational Diabetes, the standard care offered for management of the condition in North America and around the world, as well as how we can approach treatment and diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

The OBAA Round table series is offered 4 times a year, includes a panel of experts from varying birth related fields and covers varying topics related to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

The Obstetrical Acupuncture Association was created to connect practitioners who work in the field of Obstetrical Acupuncture. The OBAA is committed to being a source for up to date research, educational resources, support, and mentorship, to further the field of Obstetrical Acupuncture globally. The association is dedicated to promoting the highest level of safety and knowledge in the field.

Emilie Salomons is a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DR. TCM) with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture of BC and has been practicing for over a decade. Emilie is a fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM), as well as a co-founder and board member of the Obstetrical Acupuncture Association (OBAA), she co-developed the first program in Canada for training midwives in Obstetrical Acupuncture for pain in labour. She also works with the Dept. of Medicine at the University of British Columbia on a project aimed to reduce maternal and infant mortality in India. Emilie currently works out of Acubalance Wellness Centre in Vancouver, Canada.

Sharon Weizenbaum graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 1983 and has been practicing Chinese medicine for over 30 years. Her first gynecology teacher was Dr. Zhu Shu-rong from Shang Hai. In 1990 she traveled to Hang Zhou where she studied herbal gynecology with Dr. Qiu Xiao-mei as well as Chinese language. She continued her language study at Mt. Holyoke College and translates much of her own teaching materials. In 2007 she traveled back to China to study classic formulas with Dr. Huang Huang, who continues to be one of her teachers. She studied and apprenticed with Kiiko Matsumoto for 12 years and developed Integrative Mandala Acupuncture as a synthesis of her study with both Chinese and Japanese acupuncture teachers. Sharon is the director of White Pine Healing Arts clinic and educational facility. She teaches the Graduate Mentorship Program and Integrative Mandala Acupuncture nationally as well as shorter courses. Her articles have been published in The Lantern and in the North Amercan Journal of Oriental Medicine. She is known for her engaging, clinically relevant and clear teaching style.

Michelle Evans Apostol is a Registered Dietitian practicing in Toronto, Ontario. She is the owner of The Family Table Nutrition Services, educating parents and children on concerns surrounding women’s health, pre and postnatal nutrition, infant feeding and starting solids, and other family nutrition issues. Michelle received her BASc in Nutrition and Food from Ryerson University, completed her clinical internship at the University Health Network in Toronto, and is registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario.


Shannon Larson is a registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture of BC. She currently sits on the board of the Obstetrical Acupuncture Association. Her studies include clinical practice at the China Medical University and Hospital in Taiwan and she completed a 2 year Master's Mentorship Program with Sharon Weizenbaum at the White Pine Institute where she continues to study.

Shannon's practice focuses in women's health and obstetrics where she has had the great joy of supporting women throughout pregnancy and postpartum. She has also worked as a birth doula for the last 8 years which has given her the great opportunity to not only use her acupuncture skills to support women during their birthing time but has also gained a more intimate understanding of the complexities of labour and the wonderful tools Chinese Medicine holds to support it.

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