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Spermageddon: Male Fertility Treatment with Chinese Medicine

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Spermageddon: Male Fertility Treatment with Chinese Medicine


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Dr Krammer-Pojer will dive deep into the western medicine concerning the male reproductive system and learn what is important to produce good sperm. She also will spend some time on the causes that made sperm quality decline and how we could advise our patients to obtain those factors and what is important to father a child from the Chinese Medicine point of view. A huge part of the lecture will also focus on treatment options and strategies for acupuncturists and CM-herbalists, giving ideas on a successful pattern-based treatment with our Chinese Medicine tools as well as how to use supplements effectively to boost sperm.

On average one out of 6 couples in the western world experience infertility. Looking at the reasons of unfulfilled parenthood, 40% are female issues and 40% are male issues. Interestingly our society, as well as our medicine, focus quite exclusively on treating the female part of the childless couple. Thus, the percentage of male issues for infertility-the so-called male factor- is the same as the female one, treating the male partner is very underrepresented. Despite the fact that the seminal quality has declined within the last 30 years by 50%, it downgraded so dramatically that the WHO had to correct and adapt the standard value for the semen analyses in 2010 to make sure that one could get non-pathological semen analyses results at all. On top of that the male factor plays an important role in early pregnancy loss and should be treated in any case to prevent abortion. In this course, Dr Krammer-Pojer would like to stand up for an obligatory treatment of the male factor as well, whenever an infertile couple enters the Chinese Medicine office in future.

  • Facts on male infertility in general
  • Diagnosis and diagnostic tool of Western Medicine (semen analysis& its interpretation, DNA Fragmentation Index)
  • Western medicine anatomy of male reproductive system
  • Sperm production
  • Common causes of male fertility problems-research
  • TCM andrology overview
  • 8 years cycle of men (jing-cycle) research
  • TCM advice on lifestyle modification and nutrition
  • Correct use of supplements for a higher sperm quality
  • Microbiome of the testes and how to improve it for better sperm production
  • Causes and pathomechanism of male infertility from a Chinese Medicine point of view
  • Pattern discrimination of the most common TCM syndromes for male infertility
  • Proper pattern-based acupuncture protocols with point explanations
  • Pattern based Chinese herbal therapy using the most common formulas
  • Modifying herbal formulas with special herbs according to the results of the sperm test

At the end of this lecture you will:

  1. Be able to read and correctly interpret a semen analysis and will know if and what further tests are needed
  2. Know about the anatomy of the male reproductive tract from a western anatomic and physiologic perspective as well as from the Chinese Medicine point of view and how sperm is produced
  3. Achieve a good knowledge on TCM andrology in general to use it for any male indications.
  4. Be aware of all the research evidence-based causes of male fertility problems and how to advice patients correctly which lifestyle changes need to be done to improve sperm quality
  5. Know the most common patterns in TCM when it comes to male fertility and know about their pathomechanism and how to distinguish them from each other
  6. Know pattern-based acupuncture protocols including detailed explanation of the points
  7. Gain knowledge on pattern-based treatment of male fertility issues by Chinese herbal formulas as well as modify them with certain herbs according to the sperm test results to make your formulas even more effective
  8. Definitely be able to start treating male fertility problems properly right after taking this complete course as it focuses very much on the use for and in daily practise.
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Dr. Olivia Pojer MD, studied medicine at the University of Graz, Austria and graduated to Dr. med.univ. in 2004, general practitioner since 2009. In 2010, she established a medical practice for Chinese medicine in Gleisdorf, Austria.

Dr. Pojer is a lecturer and course instructor of the OGKA (Austrian Society for Controlled Acupuncture and TCM), teaches and lectures in Austria and worldwide. She is a Fellow of the ABORM and holds an Acupuncture Diploma and a Diploma for Chinese Herbal Medicine from the Austrian Medical Association, diploma for further training in “Master-Tung acupuncture” by Henry McCann (USA), diploma for “Integrative medicine in assisted reproduction (ART)” by the German association for reproductive medicine, diploma for advanced training in TCM from the Universities of Nanjing and Wuhan (China).

Since June 2019, Dr Pojer is the President of the OGKA and the author of the book "Secrets from the chamber of Jade-Treatment of erectile dysfunction and lack of libido with Chinese Medicine", published by Müller & Steinicke in May 2017.

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