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During these times of change and adaption to medical treatment, health care providers are utilizing telemedicine to treat patients. Traditional Chinese medicine has several modalities that can be used virtually to effectively treat patients.

CT Holman, a veteran of telemedicine, describes methods to effectively transform pathology markers seen on the face. The techniques include: acupressure prescriptions, TCM based lifestyle and nutritional recommendations, Chinese medicine drum treatments, and TCM based breathing techniques/visualizations.

These easy-to-learn effective techniques bring powerful transformation to patients. Participants will be able to apply these methods in their practices by the end of the 4-hour course.

During this time of physical isolation, where patients are not available for in-person visits, Healthy Seminars is offering the following live webinar telemedicine resources for you:

No Live CEU for California.


At the end of the webinar, the participant will be able to:At the end of the webinar, the participant will be able to:

  • Confidently identify facial markers that indicate an underlying disease pattern.
  • Utilize verbal cues to transform markings seen on the face indicating pathology.
  • Employ Chinese drum treatments to treat patients via telemedicine.
  • Create acupressure prescriptions based on facial diagnostic signs.
  • Learn qigong healing sounds and techniques to treat imbalances.
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CT Holman is an international speaker and has authored the textbooks, Treating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine and Shamanism in Chinese Medicine.

With over 20 years practicing Chinese medicine, he operates a busy general family practice in Salem, Oregon.

He trained with several leading teachers in China and the USA. To emphasize the effectiveness of music in medical treatments, he recorded and produced a CD/MP3 titled Resonating Vitality – Chinese Medicine Drum Treatments.

CT teaches at the Oregon College of Chinese Medicine for its doctoral program, maintains the position as the Director of Development for the Lotus Institute of Lillian Bridges, treats people internationally with telemedicine and conducts a mentoring program at his clinic.

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