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Top 50 Drugs and their Herbal Alternatives

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Top 50 Drugs and their Herbal Alternatives

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The practice of medicine is now at a crossroads: there are countless patients taking prescription drugs who wish to be treated with a more natural approach. In this class, Dr. John Chen will discuss the fifty most commonly prescribed medications, their actions, side effects and herbal alternatives. You will learn how to co-manage patients using herbs as an alternative to commonly prescribed drugs. You will also be given proper protocols for the time frames and herbal dosages leading to the safe reduction of pharmaceutical usage.Upon completion of this course, you will: Describe the indications, mechanism of actions, pharmacokinetics and side effects of drugs and herbs Recognize and differentiate the advantages and disadvantages of herb and drug therapy Distinguish situations when drugs are superior to herbs, and situations when herbs are superior to drugs Recognize herbs with functions similar to drugs according to their functions and clinical research Know situations when herbs can be used as an alternative to drugs for similar or better therapeutic effects, or with fewer side effects.  


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