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Treating Therapy-Resistant Chronic Pain with Auricular Medicine

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Treating Therapy-Resistant Chronic Pain with Auricular Medicine


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The ear offers an exciting and precise map of the brain that can be non-invasively accessed for assessing and treating challenging, chronic conditions that are otherwise blocked from healing. Learn how to read the ear and access its direct pathway to the brain that results in profound healing with an individualized, hence more effective approach. This webinar will give you practical information that you will be able to use in your practice the next day! Hands-on practical classes offered through CIAM:

Level I: Enhanced Assessment and Treatment

Level II: Clearing Blockages to Healing

  • Introduction to Auricular Medicine, including:
    • The microsystem; learning the map
    • History and new research
  • Orientation to the anatomy of the ear
  • Orientation to the landmarks of the Ear
  • Locating musculoskeletal point for treatment of pain conditions
  • Proper needling technique and other treatment options
  • Functional support points for chronic pain
  • Focus activity – finding and removing blockages to healing
  • Putting together a treatment plan
  • Case Examples
  • Questions and Answers
  • Where to go from here:
    • Apply what you learned in your clinic – see that it works
    • Healthy Seminars Auricular Foundations course
    • CIAM hands-on courses Levels 1, 2 and 3
    • EasternCurrents website for resources
    • CIAM website for course schedule and free webinars.

Dave Maybee, RMT is; is the director and lead instructor at the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM). Dave has supported education and collaboration in the growing field of Auricular Medicine since he began teaching at CIAM in 2008, and in 2020 was invited to give an opening address on unity among differing schools of thought, to the International Academic Forum on Standards for Auricular Diagnosis and Treatment in Foshan, China. In his private clinical practice, Dave continues to integrate manual therapy (MyoFascial and Cranial Sacral) with Auricular Medicine in order to help prime the nervous system for tissue release and healing of complex patient cases.

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