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Using the Extraordinary Meridians to Liberate the Jing

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Using the Extraordinary Meridians to Liberate the Jing


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This course will take an in-depth view of the individual’s Ming, how to assess conflicts in its expression and how to use the Eight extraordinary meridians to liberate the jing from holding patterns at odds with the individual’s destiny. We will cover the themes imbedded in the Chong, Ren and Du Mai, and how their expression is held in the Wei, Qiao and Dai Mai.

We will learn 8 extraordinary pulse diagnosis, and needling techniques for accessing the jing. We will cover in depth the five trajectories of the Chong Mai and how they relate to fertility impediments.


  • Become familiar with the themes of the eight extraordinary meridians
  • Become familiar with using the five trajectories of the Chong mai for reproductive issues.
  • Learning to assess an “8 extras” pulse disharmony, and how issues of the Ren, Du, Chong, Dai, Wei, and Qiao reveal themselves in the pulse.
  • Practical use of the vibrating technique to liberate the jing.


  • Introduction to the Themes of the Miraculous Meridians
  • The five trajectories of the chong mai
  • Advanced Pulse Diagnosis to assess issues of the Miraculous Meridians
  • Qi Gong Practice of transmitting Shen to Jing via the Vibrating Needling Technique
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Dr. Randine Lewis, author of The Infertility Cure, has become the leading expert in treating infertility conditions naturally. Her powerful Eastern program combined with her vast knowledge of Western reproductive medicine has helped many thousands of woman throughout the world, get back their fertility, their hope, and their lives. Dr. Lewis began her studies in Western medicine, and after suffering through her own fertility challenges, overcame them with Chinese medicine. After finishing her medical studies in China, she earned a doctorate in Alternative Medicine, the basis of the program she now offers for the public through The Fertile Soul and for practitioners through Clinical Excellence Fertility Professionals (CEFP).


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