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1.) Upcoming Free Topical Webinars


Lectures can be added here with just a 24-hour notice, so we recommend that you visit this page daily.

Missed a free live community webinar? Watch all the recordings by subscribing to the Community Library and never miss a lecture again!

Topical Webinars


Practice at the Crossroads: Acupuncture, Alchemy, Spirituality and Healing

Live Webinar - Monday, September 13th, 2021 @ 12noon PDT / 3:00pm EDT / 8:00pm GMT


Lorie Dechar

- by Lorie Dechar

Crossroads are choice points. They are recognized as dangerous yet sacred precincts of crisis and opportunity in all ancient cultures. Humanity is at such a choice point now, a defining moment in our evolution as a species in relationship to all beings as well as the planet itself.

Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox invite you to join them to explore what is being asked of us as practitioners and healers at this crossroads.

- Where do we discover trusted guides and reliable maps when we enter the territory of the unknown

- What is our mandate as our planet careens through the dismembering challenges of morphing viruses, climate chaos, political fragmentation?

- How do we access and make use of the shen that is available to us, the down-pouring radiance of heaven that might activate the potential for consciousness transformation?

- How are these outer realities impacting the souls and spirits of our patients and how can we best offer support?

- How can we care for our own souls as we interface with trauma and possession states in the treatment room, in the world, and within our own psyches?

- How can the principles of the ancient art of alchemy that underpin the theories of traditional Chinese medicine help us to find the gold in the lead of the difficulties that confront us?

- And how might we actively engage in the evolution of human consciousness through our practice?

Join us for this introductory conversation to the upcoming Alchemical Healing Mentorship that will be offered by Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox in partnership with Healthy Seminars beginning this January 2022.







An implementation science study to strengthen Kangaroo Care for preterm infants in BC's Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Live Webinar - Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 @ 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm GMT


MIH Cnada

Join Maternal and Infant Health Canada and special guests Dr Ann Pederson, Alix Woldring and Sarah Coutts.

They will be presenting their webinar titled, An implementation science study to strengthen Kangaroo Care for preterm infants in BC's Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Register now to learn about:

  • Understand the importance of Kangaroo Care for preterm infants and their families and its evolution as a family centered care intervention.
  • Describe the feasibility and acceptability of an implementation strategy for parents and healthcare providers to address barriers to Kangaroo Care practice.
  • Explore strategies to scale up and sustain Kangaroo Care in BC NICUs.

Dr. Ann Pederson is the director of Population Public Health Promotion at BC Women’s Hospital. Alix Woldring is the Kangaroo Care coordinator at Perinatal Services in BC. Sarah Coutts is a registered nurse who works as a Lactation Consultant at BC Women’s Hospital.






2.) Mentorship Programs - stay tuned for more details coming soon!


Mentorship Programs


Practice at the Crossroads: Acupuncture, Alchemy, Spirituality, and Healing

A Year-long Alchemical Healing Mentorship with Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox
Starts January 22nd & 23rd 2022

Mentorship with Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox

- presented in Partnership with A New Possibility

Join an alchemical community of hearts, minds, and voices gathering to explore the edge of healing; a community of daring seekers willing to exit states of denial and escape and open to the opportunities (gold) buried in the impasse (lead) of our current planetary crises.

As a community, we will ask deeply into the question, “What is being asked of us now as acupuncturists, energy workers, and alternative health care practitioners during this time-of planetary upheaval and transformation?”

In this year-long mentorship, Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox will take participants on an embodied journey through the cycle of wushen – the Five Elements and wuxing – the Five Spirits. With the Elements and Spirits as organizing principles and guides, we will explore the art of Alchemical Healing and its relevance to the psychological and spiritual issues of our time. The course will be didactic and clinical as well as an engaged experience of personal healing as transformational process.

The goal of the Mentorship will be to prepare you to support people in moving skillfully through the extreme challenges and crises currently sweeping our planet and to cultivate the potential for the transformation of consciousness implicit in these challenges.

Dates: January 22 & 23 2022 - January 2023 (a one-year virtual commitment with no scheduled sessions in August or December).

The Mentorship will follow the cycle of the seasons beginning in January with a two-day weekend introductory live virtual session that will include Q&A and break-out sessions. Five subsequent one-day virtual live sessions will be scheduled seasonally (these sessions will be recorded for those who are unable to attend) with emphasis placed on the related seasonal Element and Spirit. There will be seven full days of live teaching via Zoom. Full details and registration COMING SOON!




3.) Upcoming CEU / PDA / CPD approved Live Webinars


Check out the list of speakers and topics on our Live Webinar page

Full list of webinars scheduled for the coming months. Early-bird registration still available on some of those Live Webinars.



4.) New Releases - on-demand recorded CEU / PDA / CPD courses


Check out previews of all our on-demand recorded courses.  
Full list of NEW RELEASES online on-demand CEU / PDA / CPD courses available on Healthy Seminars.



5.) Rise Transform Impact - Helping healthcare professionals GROW their business and heal the masses

Are you ready to:
  • Get the right client for your business
  • Grow your online presence
  • Figure out your mission & get confidently rooted in that mission
  • Rise up to your truest potential as a healer
  • Transform more lives with your special skillset
  • Passionately reach the masses while earning more money
  • Build an audience and an email list that can help you grow and scale your business
  • Pursue book deals, influencer contracts, and/or form collaborations with like-minded peers from all over the world
  • Create new & exciting income streams


Do you want guidance from three leaders in wellness who have…
  • Over 35,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook combined
  • Over 11 Million YouTube views
  • Grown their emails lists to 60,000 people
  • Published 3 books, one of them being an Amazon best-seller
  • Several clinics, associates and income streams
  • Created 8 online courses
  • Ran 6 figure online businesses for 3+ years
  • Secured influencer contracts
  • Taken over 500+ hours of courses about online business, copy writing, funnels, product launches, YouTube & social media
  • Running successful businesses for almost 40 years combined
  • Passionately followed their dreams of being of service to thousands of people all over the world


If you answered YES to any of the above, then this program is for you!

Rise Transform Impact

This is a 6-month virtual mentorship program that will start in Fall 2021






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