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Telehealth Virtual Consultation Resources

Launching Your Telehealth Practice Today

During this time of physical isolation, where patients are not available for in-person visits, Healthy Seminars is offering the following telemedicine resources for you:

Implement Immediately

Taking the information from this course you can begin your own online Telehealth practice the next day.

Earn additional revenue 

Offering Telehealth serves you not only today when you may have had to close your clinic doors - but can continue to do so as an additional revenue stream down the road.

Continue doing what you love

In times when clients can't make it to your clinic Telehealth allows you the opportunity to continue to serve your clients and help them on their health journey. The ability to take your practice online provides you the opportunity to serve your clients if for any reason they cannot make it to your clinic or clients that live remotely. 
This low cost model of care delivery offers you, the clinician, the business owner, to have a stream of revenue in times like now where most are are practicing physical distancing, but even after when you may choose to practice as a hybrid clinic.



TCM Telemedicine Treatment

4-hour CEU / PDA / CPD On-Demand Recorded Course

CT Holman

During these times of change and adaption to medical treatment, health care providers are utilizing telemedicine to treat patients. Traditional Chinese medicine has several modalities that can be used virtually to effectively treat patients.

CT Holman, a veteran of telemedicine, describes methods to effectively transform pathology markers seen on the face. The techniques include: acupressure prescriptions, TCM based lifestyle and nutritional recommendations, Chinese medicine drum treatments, and TCM based breathing techniques/visualizations.

Acupressure prescriptions will be provided for the various diagnostic patterns discussed.


These easy-to-learn effective techniques bring powerful transformation to patients. Participants will be able to apply these methods in their practices by the end of the 4-hour course.


Full list of on-demand courses by CT Holman



Adding Telehealth to Your Practice


Alison Taylor (Founder of JaneApp) and Natasha Wilch (PT, TeleHealth Expert) joined Dr Lorne Brown for a special 90 minutes webinar to share their tips on how you can successfully transition your practice to providing telehealth services.






Launching Your Telehealth Practice Today

5 hour CEU/PDA on-demand recorded course

Natasha Wilch- 5-hour course with Natasha Wilch

"I have been practicing Telehealth at Symphony Rehabilitation since 2017. We created the online clinic to eliminate geography as a barrier to people needing physiotherapy services. Serving remote communities and the Northwest Territories we helped people continue to take care of their health! Being one of the first clinics in Canada to practice Telemedicine there was a lot of research, a lot of trial and error, a lot of offering something before the world was really ready for it! I want to teach you all I know and learned so that you can hit the ground running today." ~ Natasha Wilch.

Full course outline and registration


Your step by step guide to starting your online Telehealth practice and transitioning from a "hands on" therapist to a "virtual" therapist.





Virtual Consultations For Your Pregnant Clients: Building a Community of Practice

Webinar Replay available for a limited time - watch now

Pregnancy Virtual Consultations- FREE Webinar with Debra Betts, Kate Levett, Emilie Salomons, and Claudia Citkovitz


At this first session, Kate will discuss evidence-based resources and guidelines for our patients to stay healthy during pregnancy and reduce duration and interventions in labor during this challenging time.

Debra will discuss the importance of what we offer our patients aside from needles, and discuss the many important functions of online work, including diagnosis without pulse.

Claudia will discuss important principles for online consultation sessions, along with individualized homework for self-care and labor preparation. 


Questions discussed will include:

- What is the evidence regarding Covid-19 and birth outcomes?

- How can we be of help to patients without our needles?

- How do we manage online consultations, logistically and financially?

- How the technology will work for us and how do we learn how to use it?

Webinar Replay




TCM Facial Diagnosis for Telemedicine

3 hour CEU/PDA on-demand recorded course

CT Holman- with CT Holman

In this three-hour course, CT Holman teaches facial diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and spirit level diagnosis. He describes how to read the different aspects on the face, tongue and body by using ancient Chinese diagnostics. He teaches how to understand the state of each organ system by reading the various colors and features on the face. These signs also provide insight into the balance of the five elements and the five spirits. 

Acupressure prescriptions will be provided for the various diagnostic patterns discussed.


Full list of on-demand CEU / PDA / CPD courses by CT Holman


Discover the hidden knowledge on the face, tongue and body to effectively diagnose via virtual medicine.  




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