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Throwback Thursday

Community is part of the remedy to boosting your immune system.
Community * Unity * Immunity.  
Join us for throwback Thursday where we watch a lecture together with hundreds of your colleagues free online with your cameras on and popcorn ready. There will be social time at the end to connect and discuss the lecture.

Throwback Thursday

"Throwback Thursday" series

Grab your popcorn and have your camera on as we have a watch party together.



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STAY TUNED: Upcoming Live Replays in the "Throwback Thursday" series:



Previously on the Throwback Thursday series:

  • March 26th - The Heart Mind Connnection - Dr. Leon Hammer
  • April 2nd - Pulse Diagnosis Made Ridiculously Simple - by the late Al Stone
  • April 9th - Taming the Unbridled Thought in Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression - by Susie Hayes
  • April 16th - What is Your Story: 5 Keys to Having an Authentic and Inspiring Life and Practice - Ray Rubio




Replays are available for 48 hours following the Live Webinar - please plan accordingly to watch the Live or replay 48 hours after the lisestream


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